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utterly smitten while exposed to depression.

Despite me losing more weight (as I guess by the state of my jeans) , vomiting a few times each day nd ignoring the upcoming season of bad health state, I remain quite happy.
I met up with him regulary over the past weeks nd we talked a lot (nd the rest) laughed and decided to try once more.
This time without this damn touchy feeling. Just to adults (from sight) being careful but honest, to not break but be real.

Enduring these on-going winter I still freeze.
Tomorrow we both go hunting for new clothes as mine aint fit anymore or look to trashed.

At work I start doing the meds for M. trusts me on not telling others, for I´m not far along with my traine. He says I do a good job, so he don´t mind.

Okay, gotta put that off my mind, I messed up at my last med-test, for I only got a 3. Worst mark whatsoever during my training.

Bit of a low flow on chash that last past weeks. My dog is rather vital now though the bill of that vet nearly killed me.

Tidied up my flat and begann stuffing all that useless utensilies (from never read comics to long ago worn shoes) into huge boxes. Gonna throw them out as soon I get the opporturnity.

Feel grand about this and it looks far better now not that I´m done yet .

My mum had the decency to apologize for being unspeakable and I did too for just being me.

By the by I was at the therapists twice so far.
Cant compare him with one of my old ones, wait n see.
14.5.10 20:59
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Wolfsauge / Website (21.5.10 19:15)
hey danke für deinen kommi
ich stehe auf jeden fall zu diesen worten und versuche so gut wie möglich sie einfach zu leben.
ich will das nicht einfach so hinschreiben,dahersagen.
und ja,diese lügen umzukehren,sich auf etwas verlassen,was man selbst als völlig falsch ansieht,das ist schon wahnsinnig schwer!
aber solche schritte muss man ja wagen,sonst wird das nie was...

lg und schönes wochenende!

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