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damn no.
I so missed out on my myblog-birthday.(register sarcasm)

But actually 4 days and 5 years ago I first started of this fancy blog.
And rather spectacular might be that I seem to be the only one who hasnt got a single ´friend´ on myblog.

Take it for granted it lets my chest swell in pride.

and yet another useless post. lets find out how things will be in 5 years time.
9.5.10 16:44


space to fill.

Within the last 20 minutes weather did change quite a bit. From nice sunshine, a beautiful grey-clouded sky to the moment light faded . Now its hailing and I just adore it.
Makes me feel like.
Well, makes me feel.

Cruelty says I have to get up tomorrow again and work. Like today and yesterday, the day before. Well all week long. Gonna be a non-stop 2 weeks long work.

By the by again-what a awesome weather. Hail is huge. In my just under the roof-flat with my 8 windows it seems like heavens coming down on me. Grand.

Though Bulimia got me fully in her claws again, I have a vital and healthy rumor inside. Kinda sick-but-glad-bout-it.
Am I? Think so.
For my new trousers loosening-who cares?
Eating Bee Pops n gonna throw up after my pasta.

Secrets to be told. I have therapy again. Every tuesday. Only A. knows. Not gonna tell my family a single vowl cause theyd be upset and sad.

Had a fight when my mum and her sister turned up at my place two days ago (for my mums visiting my aunt) n felt so insulted by them ignoring my say to not touch the electric-system. Even as I started on the top of my voice they didn care. So it ended with them doing something without checking what it was for and now some parts of my e-system are wrecked.

by the by hail is over n I eat cheese toast with some spicy cucumber n oh I see pasta is done.
9.5.10 15:59


ate every single item a had.
again and again.
gotta go n throw up.
after these 3 weeks timeout of bulimia i share my desire for food again.
i lost they weight i put on while eating close to healthy.
so now i just have to gain my dignity back n all comes okay.

so sick of being disorderd.
nasty habits walking my life n i havnt the guts to bite back n stay in for myself.

my back feels like some elephants walked straight over it. urgh. not so pretty this feeling.
gotta purge know or never.
2.5.10 11:00

once upon a time.

say hello to my wee fairy tale.
It all begun a bit over 2 decades ago.
Little did the world now that soon a time of high speed technology would dominate our planet.
Anyone like to guess how our life would look like if mobile phones, email and wireless phone woulnd exist? (No, not hip enough to be up to wirless internet yet)

I imagine that it might be quite realxing to walk into a day without being bothered by a txt or some needy facebook-ex-boyfriend? Usually people who are connected check their email up to 20 times a day.
Bet they would a be so much happier if they´d catch up with mates every now and then?

Oh damnit, what i wanna say is easy as that:
All this super-improving-high-shit seperates human from each other. They don´t seem to notice that they rather send a txt instead of just drop by some times.
We become isolated while living surrounded by people.
how sad.
12.4.10 17:48


sun shines.
me´s getting fat.
people become happy again.
fall in love.
are troubled due to their hormones.
still alive.

and it sucks.
22.3.10 15:46

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